What Are The Reasons of General Smoking Addiction Among Teenage Girls?

Have you ever fell into a muse that smoking addiction originates namely since childhood? Being curious teenagers, you have a burning desire to taste everything that is new for you; the more the better. You do not have limits having got your fill of pleasant things. Smoking is one of these things to which a person becomes dependent in a moment.

Teenage girl smoking

In comparison to adults, teenagers are more insatiable to smoking; especially such insatiability is seen among teenage girls. And this is a fact.

The numerous medical scientists and scholars try to answer the questions: What are the reasons of such general smoking addiction among teenage girls? Why are girls so predisposed to this pestilence? Why in spite of all smoking bans, ads and anti-tobacco activities, the number of smokers still increases?

Just compare the following data: smoking among teenage boys fell between 1998 and 2006 from 21% of 15 to 16-year-old boys smoking to 12%, while rates have not fallen at the same pace for girls - in 1998 29% of 15 to 16-year-old girls smoked; in 2006 23% were smokers.

The pivotal reason why the 13 to 18-year-old girls start smoking is because their parents or other family members and friends also smoke. It is very hard to live in a smoking ambiance where everyone puffs. It is impossible to remain non-smoker. Children should follow their parents’ example. But what an example can parent who smokes give to his child?

There are lots of points of view concerning this problem and everyone has its own vision of it. The first, who decided to express personal opinion, was health editor, Madeleine Brindley, who is assured that one of the basic grounds of smoking addiction among teenage girls is their idols, which they tend to imitate in everything beginning with their appearance up to favorite habits. And as we know that many celebrities have pernicious habits, such as smoking and drinking, it is possible that their fans start them because their ideals prefer them. The teenage girls suppose that smoking habit allows them to look very glamour, mature. It is like a way of their self-expression in society.

Another statement was given by Dr Barbara Lloyd and Dr Kevin Lucas, the scientists from the University of Sussex. Having undertaken a study, they declared that teenage girls started smoking in order to attract boyfriends. The scholars added as well that girls smoke to lose weight so as to be thin and slim.

Mildred Maldonado-Molina, the lead author of the University of Florida study, claims: “Dieting was a significant predictor of initiation of regular smoking among girls. The link may be down to the fact that nicotine is a known appetite suppressant - and girls who consistently dieted were even more likely to smoke.”