How to store cigarettes properly

Everybody is aware that the government relies on taxes and hefty prices as an efficient means of deterring people from smoking or force current smokers to give up, since they are willing to save their hard-earned money. However, as smoking is a well-known addiction, many cigarette-lovers even cut their expenses on food in order to afford at least 2-3 cigarettes each day. Therefore, the greater part of smokers prefers purchasing their cigarettes in bulk. It allows them to offset the costs.

cigarette storage

But no matter what places they use to stock up (either traveling to neighboring states, if prices are lower there, or visiting Indian reservation stores, or even buying through online cigarette shops) smokers face a constant problem – the proper storage of cigarettes to keep them fresh for a long period of time.

We surveyed several experienced smokers and here is the strategy they advised to use to keep the smokes fresh. Ways to store cigarettes properly:

  1. Do not remove manufacturer’s packaging after you purchase several cartons, because the thin paper and specialized foil that the cigarettes are packed in are the most effective way for keeping your smokes in fresh condition for several months.
  2. Keep the cigarettes in a dark and dry place, and buy a small dehumidifier to store your precious smokes in the optimal environment. Maintain a constant level of humidity and temperature to keep the cigarettes fresh for longer time period.
  3. Purchase a table humidor, a small wood box that retains humidity and temperatures constant. The humidors are usually made of Spanish cedar, as this sort of wood possesses the highest retentive characteristics.
  4. Place the smokes in the fridge, if you need to store them for a short period of time. But if you need a long-term solution, put the cigarettes in the freezer. However, avoid keeping cigarets in the freezer for more than 6 months as it can dry them.
  5. Purchase a portable cigarette pack holder. It will keep your smokes from getting crushed or wet when you keep the pack in your pocket or purse. You can even find some fashionable and nice-looking holder that stores cigarettes in good condition and looks attractive.
  6. Try to store your cigarettes for not more than 6-7 months, if you store them without the manufacturer’s packaging. Keeping cigarettes unwrapped for longer than those terms can lead to stale taste and even mold formation inside the smokes that could be especially harmful for your health, much more than ordinary cigarettes.