How to Remove Tobacco Odor from your Clothes and Fingers

In addition to numerous diseases you may get from these small sticks, your clothes will smell nasty. However, there are several efficient strategies to get rid of that cigarette odor.

  1. First of all, try to smoke in the streets or in a ventilated place so that the odor would not stick to your clothes but get ventilated.
  2. Do not light up inside your house. You will get used to the smell and would stop feeling it. But the people who surround you will keep sniffing the odor of tobacco. eat a piece of cheese - get rid of tobacco smell
  3. If you got used to smoking in your vehicle, the advice is to turn on the air conditioner or heater and put it on the maximum speed. Then switch the system to the outside air inflow. It would help you ventilate the space faster. And try to exhale the smoke through the window. After putting out the cigarette, pull down the windows to let the fresh air in the vehicle.
  4. After smoking, have an energy drink or eat a piece of cheese. Then, chew a mint gum to get rid of tobacco smell in your breath.
  5. Use wet tissues to clean your hands after having smoked. You can also apply hand sanitizers to remove the odor.
  6. Wash you hands using a special soap that kills the odors.
  7. If you have friends allergic to cigarette smoke, change your clothes after smoking. It would definitely help you get rid of the nasty smell.
  8. If you can’t change your clothes every time you smoke, simply spray special odor neutralizer for clothes, or your favorite perfume. It would suppress the smell.
  9. If you don’t have a mint gum at hand, you can eat a bar of chocolate or an apple, since these products also help in removing the odor. orange - very helpful in eliminating the smoke
  10. Another product that is also very helpful in eliminating the smoke is orange. In addition, it is very healthy and will provide your body with Vitamin C. So, after having a cigarette, eat an orange, and then take the peel and rub your hands. You will feel a nice flavor of orange and no tobacco odor at all.
  11. If you don’t have any of mentioned products at hand to remove cigarette smell, you can simply wipe your hands with grass.
  12. And finally, it is well-known that tobacco odor sticks to hair. Thus, you are a proud owner of long hair, better put on a hoodie before lighting up. The hood will save your hair from tasting like an ashtray.
  13. You can also use perfumed water. Spray it on your hair. It will help you eliminate the odor and smell nicely.