How to Smoke Hookah

People who traveled to the Middle East know that the essential part of Arab culture is spending quality time in the afternoon while enjoying a hookah pipe with friends.

First of all, I must admit, I am not a smoker, and the cigarette smoke makes me cough. However, I enjoy hookahs, as they are an absolutely different thing. Of course, it is dangerous for health, as well as other tobacco product, yet the social aspects of the water pipe smoking are irresistible.

Shisha smoking pipe

Though many people have tried shisha at least once in their lives, they are completely unaware of the habits, traditions and features of this ancient habit. For these people, I am going to describe the whole process of typical hookah smoking.

First, you have to choose the company for the evening. Don’t laugh, it’s very important, because you will spend couple of hours together, and I bet you don’t want to get bored. Interesting, relaxed talk doubles the pleasure of smoking, so think twice.

When in hookah lounge, ask for the shisha menu. They always have huge amount of flavors, with the most popular being grape, apple or watermelon.

Mint is also popular. There are many exotic flavors as well, among which are banana, chocolate, strawberry, pomegranate and others.

So, which flavor to take? If you are a newcomer, the best choice for you is grape, as it is not that harsh on throat, or apple. Waiter can also recommend you rose or mint.

How many pipes to take for two people?

The shisha works best, when it is smoked constantly to keep the charcoals burning and tobacco at best temps. If you aren’t a chain smoker, you should better opt for sharing one hookah with one or two friends. Remember to change the removable tip, when you pass the pipe to your friend.

How to smoke a hookah?

Deeply, of course! Making light inhalations won’t give you the feeling you are seeking. You have to inhale deeply to feel the flavor. That is why hookah is a tradition, not a regular thing such as cigarettes, as it is used once or twice during a week. Yes, it’s bad, you say, but life is short, and I want to enjoy it.

Does hookah require particular tobacco?

Well, you can smoke any smokable substance in hookah, if you are smoking at home, but in hookah lounges they serve the tobacco especially created for water pipes. Shisha tobacco is a special blend of tobacco, molasses, fruit extract and glycerin. The tobacco is separated from coals by a metal foil, and the smoke goes through water, before reaching you. So, some say the smoke is filtered by water and is less dangerous. But, remember, it is still bad for health!

The process last 20-40 minutes, and after that the smoke feels too hot. In this case the coals should be put to the metal plate to shake off the ashes and put back on the foil. After an hour or so the coals with extinguish, and you can take start another session or go home.