Camel Crush – an innovative cigarette

Camel Crush cigarettes were developed and introduced by RJ Reynolds to American cigarette market only three years ago, but this revolutionary addition to the iconic Camel brand family has gained a more than astonishing success already.

Tobacco market experts suggest that Camel Crush is one of the best novelties for Camel brand and RJ Reynolds ever. The brand was firstly launched in April 2008 in a limited number of stores across Pennsylvania.

Camel Crush cigarettes pack

Generally, it takes several months for the manufacturer to promote its new product, and it is especially difficult, since it is tobacco industry, where most efficient advertising strategies are prohibited or severely restricted. Nevertheless, Camel Crush gained such a huge popularity in Pennsylvania that RJ Reynolds decided to introduce the brand nationwide just two months after the test-launch in Pennsylvania. That decision later proved to be vital for Camel Crush cigarettes.

David Howard, RJ Reynolds Senior Communications Director, said the company intended to make Camel Crush a nationwide brand, yet, they never imagined it could take only 10 weeks from the start of test-marketing. However, the enthusiastic consumer reviews and growing demand were behind the risk the company has taken.

And the success of Camel Crush cigs was so tremendous that even RJ Reynolds never expected such. Only three months after its launch Camel Crush gained 0.6 percentage points in market share. This is a very strong performance for a product that is on the market for 12-24 months, but for a new product, selling during only several months this is an unprecedented success.

If you look at Camel Crush cigarette, you might think that it is a traditional Camel cigarettes, made from Turkish and Oriental tobaccos. Yet, the major surprise is inside every Camel Crush cigarettes, as their filters contain a very small capsule with menthol flavoring. The capsule can be squeezed to get a boost of fresh menthol flavoring, giving you an opportunity to switch between regular and menthol smokes whenever you want to.

Camel Crush had an eye-catching advertising camping, featuring posters with vivid green capsules and slogan Squeeze. Click. Change.

Camel Crush and Kool boost box

David Howard, said the company has put much effort to develop a marketing strategy that would have provided easy instructions on using their new product and getting the most of pleasure from it. The intriguing slogan and attractive image appeal to the imagination of adult cigarette lovers.

Thus, Camel Crush campaign gained a really huge feedback.

Overall, RJR Communications Director noted that Camel Crush became one of the most valuable masterpieces of the company and gained such amazing fame in such short period of time thanks to the innovative capsule, which gives adult smokers a great option of having menthol and non-menthol cigarette at the same time.