Best Slim Cigarette Brands of 2010

Well, first of all, we should explain what is a slim cigarette to our American readers, who probably never heard about such cigarettes. Slim or Ultra slim cigarettes are similar to the U.S 100s in length, but are thinner in width. The popularity of slim cigarettes among adult smokers has been growing very fast recently, so we decided to make a list of 7 most popular slim cigarette brands. Here is our Top 7:

  1. Kiss
  2. Virginia
  3. Esse
  4. Karelia
  5. Glamour
  6. Prima Lux Slims
  7. Winston Super Slims
Kiss Energy cigarettes pack

In a close race for the first position in our list Kiss Supeslims gained a narrow win over the legendary Virginia Brand. Kiss Superslims brand is manufactured by London-based Innovation Tobacco Company, well-known for its innovative approach to tobacco products. The brand is selling in 6 styles, ranging by flavor, which includes menthol, apple, strawberry, and others. Preferred by women-smokers, Kiss offers a delicate-flavored and low-tar smoke at a very nice price.

Virginia had to settle for the second place, probably because it is a more expensive brand than Kiss. Still, Virginia has a huge popularity among our customers who are loyal to superb quality and premium flavor this brand, manufactured by Philip Morris International, offers. Virginia brand is selling in 5 styles – 3 super slims, differing by strength, and 2 exclusive Slims styles.

Esse Menthol cigarettes pack

Esse Superslims brand got the third place in our Top 7. The product of Korean leading tobacconist KT&G Tobacco Company, Esse has won the love of both female and male smokers, as it offers a wide variety of styles, varying by strength and flavor.

The fourth place in the list of the most popular cigarettes of the year belongs to Karelia brand. Karelia offers one of the largest assortments of styles, ranging by strength, width, nicotine amounts and flavor. The brand is produced by legendary Greece-based tobacco group Karelia Tobacco Company Inc, which was established in 1888 and currently is specializing on the manufacture of finest tobaccos and elite quality cigarettes.

Glamour Lilac cigarette pack

Glamour brand gained the fifth position in the list of the top slim cigarette brands of the year, with its sales showing a permanent growth throughout last year. Smokers admit Glamour cigarettes have a feather-light superb flavor and delicate smell. In addition, the brand’s maker, Japan Tobacco International continues to improve it’s flagship product and enlarge the assortment.

The 6th place in our list was a major surprise for us, as Prima Lux Slims outstripped many famous brands to come 6th. The brand owned by Imperial Tobacco, is selling in only two styles, but has been a strong competitor in the slims segment, offering a good quality smoke at a discount price. In addition, it resembles the U.S. 100s the most.

Winston Blue slims cigarette pack

And the last place in our TOP 7 went to Winston Super Slims. Winston is also manufactured by Japan Tobacco International, the company, which gained fame by introducing the first slim cigarette. The brand is very popular among the smokers who are willing to stay loyal to the inimitable flavor and quality of Winston brand.