Marlboro Gold Edge – the Slim Novelty by Philip Morris

The popularity of slim cigarettes among Eastern European smokers has prompted the manufacturers of such conservative brand like Marlboro to launch a cigarette that would fit the requirements of this growing market segment. In November 2009, Philip Morris Int. plants located in Poland, Ukraine and Russia have began supplying the wholesalers across Eastern Europe with their newest product – a super slim Marlboro, which was named Marlboro Gold Edge.

The latest addition to Marlboro brand family would have nothing in common with traditional black-and-white-packed Marlboros, which was always intended for male smokers. PMI decided to create Marlboro Gold Edge, as the recent market researches showed that while the segment of king-size full-flavored cigarettes like Marlboro Red has stopped growing, and even went down slightly last year, at the same time, the Slim cigarettes category showed significant growth, gaining as much as 30% over the last two years.

Until now, Eastern European smokers associated Marlboro brand in major part with male cigarettes, but the new Marlboro Gold Edge will be oriented for women-smokers, as they give a gentle taste and thin form.

The international tobacco company Philip Morris Int., is the leading cigarette-seller in Eastern Europe. According to statistics, the company has a 33% share in region’s cigarette market, with such legendary brands as Marlboro, Parliament, Virginia, Chesterfield, L&M and Bond.

According to Alex Cobsas, the spokesman for Philip Morris Poland, the launch of Marlboro Gold Edge in the region reflects the company’s willingness to take into consideration the changes in market tendencies and aspiration for responding to the new preferences of adult smokers who opted for consuming super slim cigarettes.

“The super slim cigarettes category is the most rapidly-growing segment of tobacco market across Eastern Europe, said Jiri Novak, senior communications director for Japan Tobacco Int. European division. Figures show that super slims segment grew 30% last year, whereas the total cigarette market gained only 3% in the region.

Currently super slim and slim segments account for 20% of the aggregate tobacco market, what is a 65-percent increase in comparison with 2006. And that could not remain unnoticed by major tobacco companies.

Several years ago, Japan Tobacco International launched Glamour brand, which become a sensation shortly after its introduction. Currently, it enjoys an outstanding success, being the best-seller in the super slim category. The company also introduced slim extensions to Monte Carlo and Winston brands.

PMI followed the rival’s steps by launching super slim varieties of Parliament (Parliament Reserve), L&M and Bond Street, while British American Tobacco entered the super slims segment with Kent Nanotek и Pall Mall.

Industry experts agree in opinion that super slim cigarettes can become the future of cigarette market, as more and more smokers are turning to these slim smokes.